Visit the GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna

12 June 2017

Maps4News will be present at this year’s GEN Summit 2017 in Vienna from 21st – 23rd June, the leading exhibition that provides people of the media industry the perfect venue to connect with the organisations and startups bringing innovation to the newsroom. Visit us at booth #12 to learn about the newest developments of our mapping tool and to let us showcase how we can support you with your daily editorial work.

Get back to the roots

We find ourselves in a critical, yet crucial time for the media industry to stand up to the rising distrust of the allegedly spread of “fake news” and “alternative facts”. That is why it is even more important to focus on the very basic purpose of the news media which is based on liberty and free speech – to inform and educate people.

Let us come together

We are here to support the development of ways to sustain diverse voices in journalism with regard to publishing and visualization methods. Together we can make sure that the news media experience progress instead of drawbacks and we are happy to be part of this vibrant network.

Why Vienna is the perfect place

One reason why we are delighted to be present at this year’s GEN Summit is because it will be hosted in the beautiful city of Vienna, the historical and critical bridge between cultures. There is no better metaphor for the current economy’s situation than that this beautiful city, once an epicentre of civilizational disruption, is now hosting this inspiring networking event to support the share of thoughts and experience amongst the greatest thinkers and doers in the media industry.

Go share your ideas

The second reason why we look forward to meeting enthusiasts at our booth #12 in the scenic Aula der Wissenschaften is because we are eager to get in touch with inspiring and committed people so that we can support them in making a difference. To tell and spread news will always be crucial and will always be the foundation of freedom of the press. A good data visualization can tell a news story in an even clearer way than words could ever do. Our goal is to extend the penetration of news and information publishing and create more value for customers with new features that could allow client-specific content, enhanced interactivity for online and mobile devices, and new infographic tools. This event is the perfect venue to share ideas and inspire people to spread their thoughts and words – and we are here to help them.