The magical thing called data

23 May 2019

As you probably know, every map is built from data. At Maps4News, we thrive to give you the best mapping data possible. That’s why we use three main databases: HERE, OpenStreetMap and Andes. But what are these databases exactly? Let’s take a closer look at them:


HERE provides datasets from all over the world. This data is used as a foundation for the maps of Maps4News. The HERE teams create, in their own words: ’content by analyzing data collected from satellites, GPS data points, HERE vehicles and multiple local field offices. Images, GPS coordinates and LiDAR scans combine to produce an accurate representation of what’s out there’. But nobody’s perfect. HERE does not have every single bit of the world perfectly mapped. For instance, it’s very hard to accurately map warzones. You can’t safely drive around in a vehicle there. That’s one of the reasons why we use more than one data source.


OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a data source that is continuously updated. Map fanatics from all over the world voluntarily update data to keep it as accurate as possible. Also, in areas which aren’t easily accessible by outsiders because it’s just not safe, for example. But there are always people who find it important that correct data is available for their geographical location. Because of this reason, data that can’t be collected professionally, is still being collected. So, when HERE data is incomplete, OSM is here save the day :)


Andes is a little bit different than HERE and OSM. Andes is a Dutch mapping company with very specific information about The Netherlands. That’s why Andes data sets are used primarily for maps of our country. Being a sister company to Andes, we at MapCreator are happy to work with many Dutch clients. Hence, we want to provide them with extra detailed sources of The Netherlands. The largest countries in the world are covered in great detail by HERE and OSM. Since we have this unique and privileged access to Andes, why shouldn’t we use it? Of course, Andes data is available for our clients to use.

So, now you know a little bit more about our data sources. However, you do not have to worry about the differences between them! Maps4News has already made the decisions on what is the best data for your map for you. Just sit back and relax because you can be sure you get the best possible map!