How to co-create and share maps!

28 February 2019

Working together on a project can lift quite some weight of your shoulders. You can divide tasks and you always have an extra pair of eyes watching. While creating maps, this can also be very convenient. Sometimes you created a great map, but you want your coworker to take a look at it. For (fact) checking, for editing it a bit further or maybe to even add a whole extra data set. He/she could log in to your account, but there are easier ways.

Sharing Maps

Share your map

Did you know that Maps4News allows you to co-create maps with other users? Go to your library and select the project you want to share. Click on the three dots as shown in the image below and click on ‘share’. You can forward a link for the map you want to share, and the receiver will be able to clone the map into their own library. Note that they won’t be able to edit your original map. So, the map in your account will stay the way you created it. Of course, after the co-creator edited the map, they can send it back to you the same way. It is possible to share your map with everyone who has a Maps4News account.

Sharing Maps Example

Company maps

Another way to share your map, is through Company Maps. Every map you create, will end up in Company Maps. Everyone within your company can see and download these maps. This way you don’t need to share it with your coworkers. Just as with sharing your map, the maps downloaded and edited by your coworkers, will be ‘new’ maps. Your original map will always stay the same in your account.

Company Maps is a feature that can be turned on or off, to your liking. If you don’t see Company Maps anywhere in your account but would like to have access to it, let us know and we’ll activate it for you right away 😊.

For more information about Company maps check out our help section.