Maps4News: the easy way to create maps in the newsroom!

21 March 2017
Mathijs van Dijk

Using our new advanced mapping service, journalists and newsroom staff can create branded styled maps quickly and easily. Whether you are looking to create simple locator maps or more sophisticated enriched, interactive maps, our easy-to-use online interface enables newsroom staff to produce quality branded maps that are optimized for print, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Maps4News partners with Spread the Word Media

9 February 2017
Mathijs van Dijk

We announce partnerships with Spread the Word Media to provide sales and service support to our customers in the UK and Ireland. Spread the Word Media will become the first line of contact for all Maps4News clients across the region including the Financial Times, the Telegraph, Archant and the Irish Times.

The Financial Times now uses Maps4News

28 October 2016
Mathijs van Dijk

Maps4News is getting noticed by more and more news media companies worldwide. We’re proud to welcome The Financial Times to the Maps4News family! The Financial Times, one of the leading business news outlets, uses Maps4News to visualize data from their research and highlight current stories on maps as they’re reported.