One map to rule them all

26 August 2019

I have met Robbert, CTO of MapCreator, already a few times. And whenever we meet, we tend to end up discussing cool maps we’ve seen and the latest mapping technologies we’ve used. It’s always nice meeting other map nerds :-).

How to make your map stand out from the pack

19 July 2019

Using data visualizations in your stories, can provide a more efficient and coherent way to present information to readers. Maps are one of the most popular ways to do this, especially when it comes to geographical data. Creating a map for your news story has never been easier. But how your map looks can be as important as the message you are trying to bring across.

We have some tips to make your journalistic map more exciting and unique, so that it will make your data, and news story, look unique.

The magical thing called data

23 May 2019

As you probably know, every map is built from data. At Maps4News, we thrive to give you the best mapping data possible. That’s why we use three main databases: HERE, OpenStreetMap and Andes. But what are these databases exactly?