A whole new (nonexistent) world

22 November 2017

Over the years, like everything else in the world, cartography has changed. Previously, all the maps were made by hand and cartographers had to travel to get the maps right. Nowadays almost everything happens with the computer and satellites. You can imagine that when you put all the traveling and sketching into your maps, and a (lazy) competitor would just buy your map and copy it, you would be pretty pissed. To prevent this, cartographers came up with a plan. They added so called Paper Towns.

How data can get you the scoop of the day (or even the week)

18 October 2017

Data journalism already exists as long as there is data. However, it keeps getting more popular. This is mainly because governments, organizations and companies are releasing their data online more and more. It’s also because you can virtually find everything online these days. The digital society produces an enormous and continuously growing amount of numeric data. And somewhere in those big piles of numbers, lie all sorts of stories.

See you at ONA17!

25 September 2017

The White House, the US Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial; these are only a few examples for what Washington D.C. is known for all over the world. However, in the beginning of October 2017, the capitol of the United States will be taken over by something else. From Oct. 5 - 7 the Online News Association conference 2017 (#ONA17) will take place in the heart of Washington.