How Putin is going to be President again

14 March 2018

Get ready for another election. On March 18, 2018 the presidential elections will take place in Russia. Every six years, the people of Russia choose their next president. Right now, Putin scores highest in the polls.This means he will probably be elected as President once more. How does the ‘new’ President actually get elected? How do the Russian elections work again?

Newsroom Life: Phil Holm, assignment editor, interactive, Associated Press

3 February 2018

We talk to Phil Holm, assignment editor, interactive at Associated Press about his life in the newsroom.

Giving your story life with visualization

29 January 2018

Using visuals in your story keeps the reader’s attention. It can show the basics of the story in just seconds and make the story much more attractive. Also, when writing about data, visualizing can make it instantly more interesting and easier to understand. Sometimes you don’t ‘just’ want to add an image to your story. Sometimes you have pictures, numbers and a map and want to use them all together. Now, if you are a skilled photoshopper, this should be no problem. However, if you aren’t, don’t worry! There are loads of (free) tools that can help visualize your story.