Visit the SND London 2017 – The future of media is visual

18 August 2017

On November 3, 2017, the Society for News Design is holding the first ever SND conference in London. When it comes to sharing thoughts and networking with some of the most creative minds in the industry of news design, then this is the place to be. After enjoying several speakers there will be enough time to exchange views and relish the atmosphere at the post-conference networking party. Join in this dialogue discussing the future of visual journalism

Speed of light

In such a fast-moving business, it is crucial to set the pace instead of just lagging behind it. This year’s SND conference gives us again the chance to focus on the innovation and the future of visual journalism. On one hand we’ve obviously got technology, which is essential nowadays, but on the other hand we’ve still got a human part – human thoughts and ideas, human creativity. The key for a successful future of visual journalism is to combine technology with human creativity. As a result, we can create something that’s bigger and more powerful than the two of them could ever be on their own. The SND conference in London is the place where technology and creativity merge.

Who is who

The Society for News Design (SND) is an international organization for news media professionals and visual communicators. They annually host a Best of News Design competition – open for newspapers and magazines from all over the world. Besides that, they also host a yearly conference which is rotating through different cities. This year SND invites the visual journalism community such as creative directors, editors, illustrators, data visualizers or web designers to their conference in London. Students and recent graduates are also invited to the conference and for SND student members it’s even free. There’s a student portfolio review where students get the chance to receive a professional look and honest feedback for their work by creative professionals. Again this is also great opportunity for networking.


SND is still open for suggestions regarding speakers or topics that should be covered. In the meantime, they already have the following list of speakers confirmed:

  • Danny WILKINS (UK)

    Head of Technology, News UK, The Sun, the Times and The Sunday Times
  • Sara QUINN (US)

    Media Consulting
  • Sam JOINER (UK)

    Interactive News Editor, The Times
  • Stephen KOMIVES (US)

    Executive Director, Society for News Design
  • Douglas OKASAKI (UAE)

    Senior Designer, Gulf News - Dubai

Get inspired in London

London is not only home of iconic designers and publications, but is now also going to enhance creativity in news design even further. By joining this conference, everyone can get inspired and bring some innovations and ideas to their newsrooms. Coming together, networking, and sharing thoughts – together we can make sure to set the pace for news media and to secure a creative and innovative future for visual journalism.

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