How we get our cycling data

21 June 2018

You probably noticed that we started sharing content with you. For the past four months we have been doing a lot of testing with different projects. We are doing this, to find out what events are more suitable to share and which ones are less suitable. We discovered that cycling data is very popular. That’s why we decided to call in a third party.

The third party

Cycling data is not easy to find. Correct cycling data is even harder to find. The guys from make it their job, to make sure they have the correct .kml files of all the big tournaments.

The websites initiator, Hendrik Eppinga, creates most of the maps himself. “A lot of the times, the organization of a big tournament releases maps with the routes. With that information I create the maps. Creating a map can take up to an hour. I focus most on the start and end of the stages, those have to be 100% correct. Because organizations put big icons on those parts, it can take some time to figure out the exact locations. Especially with the finishes.”. This is the reason why, sometimes, it takes some time to get the correct data.

Meeting the deadline

We try to get all the cycling data to you as fast as possible. Especially for the big events like the Tour de France and the Giro d’Italia. However, we also need to make sure these routes are correct. And a lot of the time, the definite routes are only presented around two weeks prior to the start of the tour. As soon as we have the routes, we start creating maps to share with you. We make sure that the day we get the .KML’s, is the day you get the maps! However, please note that these routes are without prejudice because the organization can always decide to make last minute changes.

As soon as we release new featured maps, you can find them in your dashboard underneath ‘featured’.

If you have any more questions about our cycling data or our content sharing project, please let us know! Also do so, if you have any suggestions about content you would like to receive.