Our pricing perspective


Organizations can pay based on their size. Maps4News is priced so that small and large news organizations can use it without breaking budgets.


Why limit the number of maps you can publish or the online views of your maps? All plans include unlimited map publications and map views. There are no hidden fees anywhere—you know exactly what you will pay for the services you need.

All in one

Royalty-free maps for print and web publishing, full map customization (fonts, colors etc.), updates, dedicated support and training. We provide it all in one price!

What’s in a license?

  • Create global maps with street level detail
  • Visualize your data (Excel, CSVs...)
  • Create data driven maps ready for publishing
  • Use your own brand and design elements
  • Export maps to various formats including static images, SVG, PNG.
  • Responsive embeds, powerful downloads
  • Dedicated support

Let’s get in touch!

For inquiries on pricing, we encourage you to contact us, and we’ll discuss your specific needs.

E: info@maps4news.com
T: 877 839 3952