The magical thing called data

23 May 2019

As you probably know, every map is built from data. At Maps4News, we thrive to give you the best mapping data possible. That’s why we use three main databases: HERE, OpenStreetMap and Andes. But what are these databases exactly?

Newsroom Life: Priska Wallimann, senior graphics editor & deputy head of storytelling, Blick Group

24 April 2019

Having worked for Ringier for over 21 years, Priska Wallimann shares with us how the priorities of her newsroom are shifting from print to digital, plus her passion for visual journalism, learning new things and the occasional glass of a good red wine.

How to co-create and share maps!

28 February 2019

Working together on a project can lift quite some weight of your shoulders. You can divide tasks and you always have an extra pair of eyes watching. While creating maps, this can also be very convenient. Sometimes you created a great map, but you want your coworker to take a look at it. For (fact) checking, for editing it a bit further or maybe to even add a whole extra data set. He/she could log in to your account, but there are easier ways.