How do I create a Choropleth Map?

  1. Start a new project by selecting the Choropleth map type in the dashboard.

  2. Enter a location and specify one of the available polygon sets which will be placed on the map.

  3. How do you wish to highlight your polygons?

    There are 2 options for that:
    Method a: Edit all polygons manually by first using the empty table and then adjusting the colours with the palette or by typing the colour names. The system reads hexacodes as well as CSS colour values.

    Method b: Upload your own file which contains the information for highlighting the different polygons. You can either work with the database provided from our side, download it…

    …save it as a .csv file, edit the table according to your needs by including more columns…

    and upload it in the tool.

    First, the system tries to match the uploaded data with the internal data. Only matching fields (= green fields) will be displayed as highlighted polygons. The red fields can be corrected if there is data which can be matched manually how_to

  4. Finally, set the size and area as well as the projections system. By default, Mercator is chosen.

In “Choropleth Styling” you can decide, which column defines the polygon colouring by simply choosing the correct column from the dropdown menu. Bear in mind that only a certain amount of classes can be categorized as colour classes.


If you wish to add labels to your polygons, you can do this as follows:
Simply choose from the dropwdown menu in “Add Labels” which labels should be placed on top of your polygons. You can even move them around and create lead lines: